Depository to Store Your Gold & Silver

Fully Segregated Silver & Gold Storage with Extraordinarily Low Fees

Why Direct Bullion Storage Through SD Depository Is Your Best & Safest Option

COMPLETE SECURITY – all physical precious metal storage options offered by Bright Bullion Depository are 100% fully insured with proven secure logistics professional directly servicing customer’s bullion storage accounts.

FULLY SEGREGATED – the physical bullion products you buy and deliver to your bullion storage account are always allocated in your name or title, and segregated from all other bullion account holder holdings. What you ship in is exactly what you can get delivered or shipped out only upon your explicit request.

TAKE DELIVERY ANYTIME – you always have the option to take delivery of physical precious metals held within your bullion depository account.

ADD BULLION YOU HAVE AT HOME – once you have your bullion storage account set up, you are free to add physical precious metals either stored elsewhere (either bullion from home or other less secure, over-priced depository services).

EASY TO OPEN – starting your bullion storage account through Bright Bullion Depository is simple. Call our trading desk to get the process started and allow our experienced traders to fully answer any questions you may have.

EASY SELLING – selling physical precious metals from your direct bullion account is simple. Please consider us when searching for a quality offer or bid price on the bullion you are selling.

VERY AFFORDABLE – Storage at Bright bullion Depository starts at only $11 per month!

EACH DEPOSITORY ACCOUNT IS VAT FREE – perhaps you live in the European Union and would like to avoid paying Platinum, Palladium, or Silver VAT tax rates as high as 27% on top of the bullion product premium prices associated with bullion coins, rounds, and bars in the EU.

Bright Bullion Depository Account Information

Gold Silver Storage FAQ's

New customers will get the first three months of storage completely free! After that, Bright Bullion Depository’s current costs start at as low as $10.99 per month. The costs are determined by the monthly closing spot price of each precious metal and the total weight of each precious metal in the customer’s account. The percentages that are used to calculate the storage costs are at the top of this page. If the total comes out to less than $9.99, the customer would pay $9.99 per month. These payments will be processed at the beginning of the month (no prorated refunds for unused days). We are excited to offer the lowest cost of storage in the industry!

Bright Bullion Depository’s primary storage location in on our premises at the of Colorado. Bright Bullion Depository also offers locations in New York, Florida, California and the Cayman Islands. Please note, storing metals at these locations may be offered at separate pricing.

Due to weight and destination differences, shipping will have to be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please note that shipments from your storage account will incur a $25 per transaction charge. This covers the overhead of our staff members securely packaging up your shipment.

To request a storage contract, a customer only has to call into our trade desk at 1-720-726-9980 and request that a Bright Bullion Depository storage contract be sent to them. The trader will ask the customer for basic information: Name, Address, & Email Address. The contract would be emailed to the customer, and the customer has as much time as they would like to fill out the contract.

No, a customer can store any amount of metals at BB Depository. Whether it is 10 ounces or 10,000 ounces, we would be happy to store your precious metals in our safe, secure vault location.

If you store with us, we are intend to:

  • Supply you the safest and best value bullion storage services.
  • Offer you various, fully insured, secure bullion storage option locations throughout the United States and Offshore.
  • Afford you with the ability to easily move your physical precious metals both in and out of your bullion storage location.
  • Provide you with fully transparent, competitive bullion storage rates invoiced in fiat currency, US dollar payment terms.
  • Stand ready to provide you a liquid 2-way market at competitive rates and bid prices, if you ever do decide to sell any of your professionally stored bullion holdings in the present or future.
  • Comply with Michigan state law by not charging sales tax on Gold, Silver or Platinum Bullion products stored in Michigan.

The main benefit of storing your metals is that the metals will be fully insured and protected for as long as they are in the Depository. If you take physical delivery at your home, you run the risk of losing your metals due to theft or fire. And unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover bullion. Therefore, if you do not have “Bullion Home Insurance,” you would be out of luck with no way to recover the value of the metals. This risk is why we recommend that any of our customers concerned about potential theft, fire, or loss should consider BB Depository.

No, tax would only be applied to metals at the time of purchase; if the metals are shipped to a state that taxes precious metals. However, BB Depository may be required to collect sales tax on the shipping charges to the customer.

Yes, the customer is able to visit their metals in the Depository. The customer would need to schedule that visit in advance. Many depositories do not offer this because they only guarantee that the customer has the metals in their account, not that the customer’s metals will be segregated from other customers’ items. However, BB Depository guarantees the customer’s metals will be fully segregated and they will have their items specifically assigned to them in our depository.

Yes! The products are fully insured