Platinum Bar – 10 Ounce


Product Specifications

Purity: 99.95% platinum – minimum
Weight: 10 troy ounces (311.03 grams)


Maximize Your Platinum Investment Returns With Low Premium 10 Ounce Bars

Ten-ounce platinum bars are one of the most economical ways to buy platinum, making them a great pick for investors trying to get the most metal for their money. We carry bars from the world’s premier makers. Each one is hallmarked and guaranteed for weight and purity.

NOTE: The particular brand of bar shipped will vary based upon inventory availability.

Start building your holding of the coveted white metal today and profit from the potent combination of the devaluing US dollar, extraordinarily limited supply and rising demand drives prices higher.

Buying platinum now makes a lot of sense:

Precious metals are valuable because they are scarce, beautiful, and useful. That is why, historically speaking, platinum has been the most valuable of the precious metals. In recent years, a slump in demand from automakers building diesel engines has knocked platinum from its perch. For investors expecting the white metal to regain its position as most valuable, buying platinum for less than the gold price looks like a great opportunity.

There is far less platinum available in the earth’s crust than there is gold. And what is there is more difficult to mine and extract. Most of the platinum currently produced comes from just two countries – Russia and South Africa. In recent years South African miners have been beset by unreliable electricity and labor unrest. The extremely limited supply of the metal has always been one of the most compelling reasons for investors to buy.


Platinum is considered to be more of an industrial metal than gold. The outlook for platinum demand tends to reflect the forecast for global automobile production, while gold, the ultimate monetary metal, tends to be driven by inflation expectations, interest rates and monetary policy. Roughly half of the world’s platinum production goes to the manufacture of catalytic converters for cars and trucks.

The Volkswagen emissions scandal hurt demand for diesel engines, where converters made with platinum were most prevalent. Platinum prices fell as much as 15% within three months.

All precious metals, including platinum, should be expected to perform well in any rush for tangible assets as central bankers and politicians accelerate printing and borrowing the fiat dollar into oblivion.