2023 1 oz American Gold Eagle MintCertified™ Premium Uncirculated | Sealed Tube



2023 1 oz American Gold Eagle MintCertified™ Premium Uncirculated | Sealed Tube

Among the most sought-after gold coins, American Gold Eagles are the official gold coin of the United States.

Holding legal tender status and a face value of 50 Dollars, fully guaranteed by the US Government, Gold Eagles are made of 22K fine gold, minted in a 1 oz coin.

The MintCertified Sealed Tubes contain 20 1 oz American Gold Eagles, collected directly in the production line, certified, and housed in sealed tubes. 

Investors who appreciate a diversified investment portfolio, which includes physical gold bullion, may enjoy the opportunity to acquire Gold Eagles in more significant amounts, making these rolls a sensible investment option.

Product Highlights

  • Each tube contains 20 units of 1 oz Gold Eagle Coins;
  • Tubes sealed and certified by the US Mint;
  • Each coin contains 1.0909 Troy oz of 22-carat gold (.9167 fineness)
  • Face value of USD 50 and legal tender status backed by the US Government;
  • Anti-counterfeiting reeded edges;
  • The obverse depicts Lady Liberty by Saint-Gaudens;
  • The reverse features a bald eagle by Jennie Norris.

The Design

The 35th anniversary of the series brought a new reverse side to the Gold Eagles. Signed by Jennie Norris, the new design showcases the Bald Eagle in a frontal close-up and intense staring gaze imprinted in high relief, emphasizing the animal’s details. The inscriptions settled on top are: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the mottos “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” On the bottom rim, the inscriptions read: “50 DOLLARS” for face value and “1 OZ. FINE GOLD “ for weight and metal content.

The obverse depicts Lady Liberty, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens to stamp the $20 Double Eagle coin in 1907. In the image, Lady Liberty walks ahead, with the sun’s rays on her back and the Capitol Building on the lower left. She carries a torch and an olive branch, symbolizing the nation’s evolution to enlightenment and peace. The word “LIBERTY” arches over her, and the mint year lies aside. Several six-pointed stars encircle the image.

The American Eagle Coin Series

American Eagles premiered in the market in 1986 with its one-dollar 1 oz Silver Eagle coin and the 1 oz Gold Eagles some months later. Gold Krugerrands and Austrian 100 Coronas were the dominant gold coins, but American Eagles quickly became one of the most sought-after among collectors and investors.

The fractional sizes are only gold, comprising ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz coins. Over the years, the series included other metal-based coins, like the Platinum Eagle and the Palladium Eagle.

The Silver Eagles remained regular with its annual strikes of the 1 oz coin, which got Burnished and Proof versions, besides the traditional bullion coin.

The MintCertified Premium Uncirculated Sealed Tubes

The MintCertified Tubes contain twenty brand-new 2023 1 oz Gold Eagle Coins, which are selected, certified, and placed in a strapped box. The US Mint immediately seals the tubes with a plastic sleeve so the coins remain protected and untouched during the whole packing process.

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