2022 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)

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YEAR 2022
GRADE Brillant Unc


The popular Truth series has returned with the 2022 1 oz Tree of Life Silver Coin, now available for purchase as the 2022 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)!

Over the course of its five years, this limited-edition series has become a collector’s favorite and offers customers an opportunity to purchase silver coins for one of the lowest premiums over the silver spot price.

The 2022 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count) gives customers the opportunity to purchase five tubes of twenty coins in a sealed Mini Monster Box. Each of these coins was minted within the first thirty days of production. These tubes are MintCertified, meaning they were removed from the mint stapped box and sealed shut with a plastic sleeve, ensuring you are the first one to open and hold the coins inside. Customers love Bright Bullion MintCertified program because of the guarantee it offers!

The 2020 1 oz Tree of Life Silver Coin is the second release of the 2022 year, following the one and five-ounce Roaring Lion silver coins. Each year, an important “truth” is determined and divided between the two coins: the first half of the truth written on the Roaring Lion and the second half written on the Tree of Life. Customers can purchase both coins in the same year to form a completed truth.

About the Truth Series:

The Truth Series was first released as a one-ounce silver coin in 2018. The series grew in popularity and demand over the next five years and now comprises silver, gold, and platinum coins in various sizes and finishes. The Roaring Lion and Tree of Life are two coins in the series. Each coin is manufactured in all three precious metals and released at different times throughout the year.

Special Features of the series:

Low Premium:

These silver coins are sold at exceptionally low prices every year. On a government-issued coin, the premium is one of the lowest available over spot. Due to their limited mintage, these coins are expected to appreciate in value. These coin are currently offered on a tiered pricing basis with the highest tier at $5.89 over spot price! The more you order at a time, the less you pay in premium. If you purchase 5 or more boxes at a time, enjoy the lowest tier premium of only $5.39 over spot!

Limited Mintage:

Every coin in the Truth Series is struck with a limited mintage. Unlike other government-issued silver coins, there is not an unlimited supply of these coins. The 2022 1 oz Tree of Life Silver Coin has a worldwide mintage of 150,000 coins. This limited mintage also aids in the coin’s value appreciation.

Unique Design:

This year, the 2022 1 oz Tree of Life Silver Coin features the second half of the truth found in Psalm 119:160. The micro-engraved truth of “all your righteous laws are eternal” is found inscribed in the tree’s branch. This completes the truth that was started on the 2022 Roaring Lion coin.

16 reviews for 2022 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)

  1. Mitchell Campbell

    Beautiful, I see it as one side evil (the queen) and one side good ( the tree of life) thanks for the price discount BB love your service coming for more

  2. Joshua Wayne

    This was a very good purchase. No delays. Very beautiful design. I carry one for luck

  3. Mark Wills

    Absolutely beautiful coins.
    Spend the extra money and use UPS instead of usps. order received as described thanks BB

  4. Jefferson Andrew

    The First 30 is a contradiction. There are only 20 coins in the tube. The shipping time frame seemed to be the same expedited than it does with normal free shipping. Do I think it was a good a value ? I won’t pay for expedited shipping, it just cost more and didn’t bring any value to the purchase. Are the coins in fantastic shape yes. The product is good (I was expecting more as in 30 coins, “First30”) the other Fees associated with it getting here leave much to be desired.”

  5. Joseph G

    This is probably the first piece of my collection that caused a bubble of giddy excitement when I made the order. The fine details on this round are breathtaking. The very fine tree rings detailing across the face, remind me of how similar they are to our own fingerprints. I ordered 2 of this coin, thus starting a silver collection for each of my children.” Thanks for the awesome price discount

  6. Robert Grif

    Attractive coin; great addition to my collection I’m always happy with Bright Bullion purchases!”

  7. Kelvin B

    I have just received my first order of the “Tree of Life” .999 round. This is a very nice item, real l quality. I am impressed. Thanks Bright Bullion ”

  8. Philip B

    Good to have alternative financial investment to standard currency, etc. Your price is the best coupled with fast delivery

  9. JJ Andrew

    This item arrived on time and in pristine condition. My granddaughter will love it someday.

  10. Thomas H

    Love the biblically themed coins. The art is beautiful and the fact they have limited mintages makes them very appealing.

  11. Yuriy Ryan

    Proud to own a silver coin that has God’s Tetragrammaton on it!” thanks to Bright Bullion

  12. Burke De

    Bright Bullion is becoming my favorite place to buy silver. They have some unique pieces that I have not seen on other sites and better deals than I have seen elsewhere!

  13. Ferdinand Rob

    love the coins. I am pleased with Bright billions service.

  14. Harris Allen

    I didn’t buy this for investment but as gifts for some Jewish friends they loved them great service from BB

  15. Anthony

    These coins were everything I expected they would be ! Beautiful Tree of Life silver

  16. Bryson L West

    Best ever highly recommended best price ever no competition, fast delivery and polite customer support I’ve made all my investments for this year with Bright Bullion and it’s worth it

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