2020 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)

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We are excited to announce the launch of our Bright Bullion Mini Monster Boxes. We have coupled this new product with our MintCertified™ program to make it more convenient to add 100 ounces of 2020 Tree of Life Silver Coins that are certified to come directly from Mint Sealed boxes directly to your silver bullion stack.

The Bright Bullion Mini Monster Box was created to seal tighter than normal mint boxes. This is done by adding “snaps” to the side of the box. For this reason, even if the straps are removed, the box stays tightly closed, which better secures your metal investment.

About The Coin

The Tree of Life silver coin an IRA-Eligible coin struck in .9999 (4 nines) fine silver with an available mintage of only 50,000.

The intricately designed obverse depicts The Tree of Life As a Young Almond Tree Blossoming with New Shoots In Early Spring. The Inscription Reads ה ו ה י – Hebrew for Yahweh – The Memorial Name of the One Who Gives True Life. Also, note the extremely unique radial lines that swirl around the tree. This is sure to thrill any investor looking for that one-of-a-kind look.

State of the Art Microengraving, visible under magnification with instruments such as a coin loupe, can be seen in the tree trunk of The Tree of Life. The engraving reads: “FOR THE CAUSE OF TRUTH AND MEEKNESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS”

On the reverse of this coin, you’ll find Ian Rank-Broadley’s rendition of Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy, along with the year of mintage and the legal tender value assigned to this coin: $2 (NZD).

Struck by Sunshine Minting
The Truth Coin Series is struck at the prestigious Sunshine Mint, a world-class private mint located in the United States that earned its stellar reputation by working with the most respected world mints across the globe.

How the MintCertified™ Process Works:
To guarantee these coins are not mingled with any other Tree of Life coins, our team takes the tubes of 20 directly from mint sealed monster boxes. From there, our team applies a tamper-evident seal (TEP) to the mint cap and the top of the tube. After that process is complete, we apply the MintCertified™ FIRST30 black labels that offer another layer of TEP security to the tube. The FIRST30 denotes that the coins sealed in these tubes were produced within the first 30 days of the coin being minted.

5 reviews for 2020 Tree of Life Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)

  1. Eugene K

    fun time for me all that pretty stuff price are very good

  2. Robinson L

    I’ve been stacking for approximately 10 years. This product was for the year 2020, which I believe will have low mintage, due to the fact that a new design will be implemented mid year. That said I will be looking for the release, so that I can purchase the new design. Thank for all the price discount I’ve receiving from you guys

  3. Happy Camper

    I am pleased with this purchase. The 100-Coin Silver Mini Monster box is easy to store and represents good value for the money.

  4. Daniel D

    Great prices ! Real easy to purchase ! Thanks to Bright bullion !

  5. Bryson L West

    Your lucky finding this guys best prices ever, fast delivery and good customer support

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