1 Oz Rhodium Bars

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Product Specifications

Mint   Swiss PAMP
Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: .999 pure
Metal Weight: 1 troy ounce
Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Packaging Certicard
Manufacturer PAMP

1 Oz Rhodium Bars
Each bar contains 1 ounce of 99.9% pure investment grade Rhodium bullion.


Buy (or Sell) 1 Oz Rhodium Bars

1 Oz Rhodium Bars
Each bar contains 1 ounce of 99.9% pure investment grade Rhodium bullion.

Bright Bullion proudly offers a 1 ounce Rhodium bar from Pamp Suiss. These bars are .999 pure rhodium – the precious metal with perhaps the most explosive potential for price appreciation. Rhodium prices peaked near $10,000/ounce in 2008 and many expect the market may return to those levels next time there is a shortage of this extraordinarily rare and indispensable metal.

Like platinum and palladium, the primary application for rhodium is catalytic converters for cars and trucks. It is alloyed with platinum and palladium to enhance resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Jewelers and silver smiths also rhodium in thin layers to prevent tarnish to the underlying metal.

Rhodium in bar form is nearly impossible to find, but far superior to the more commonly available sponge form. Sponge will often need to be melted and assayed when re-sold. Pamp Suiss Company bars in their original tamper proof package are trusted by dealers everywhere. Pamp manufactures bars to the highest quality standards and has been building their reputation since 1967.

These Rhodium bars are a great upgrade from the typical go to like 1 oz silver bars most buyers invest in.

Baird Rhodium Bar

PAMP, is one of the largest precious metals refiners in the SWITZERLAND, PAMP rhodium investment bar and is the leading name in investment graded rhodium products today.

PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar

Pamp Suisse, the world leader when it comes to private mints and refiners, launched a rhodium bar for the first time in 2017. The bar is made of 1 ounce of .999 pure rhodium, is stamped with its weight and purity on the reverse and features the beautiful Lady of Fortuna design on the front of the bar. Each bar come serialized and in tamper evident packaging from Pamp.

30 reviews for 1 Oz Rhodium Bars

  1. Susan Anne

    This is the 3rd time I have used Bright Bullion. Excellent service. Lots of communication so that you know the status of your order. The Web site is very easy to navigate so purchasing from Bright Bullion is very easy.”

  2. David K

    Excellent service: we were really pleased with the service and impressed by highly competitive prices. We had a good, polite, clear, positive response from customer services on our request for an early delivery. The delivery itself was seamless – items well and securely packed, dispatch confirmed by email, tracked, fully insured and arrived in perfect condition. Our congratulations and thanks to Bright Bullion for dealing with our order so well.

  3. Carl Terry

    Took 14days to receive my order delivery too slow compare to other retailers. Don’t buy if your in a hurry just my take…

  4. Ashley K

    You deserve my 5star rating A Big THANK YOU..

  5. Amanda Betty

    Good customer support, order delivered faster than I thought keep sourcing at these price couldn’t believe.
    Thanks greatly appreciated

  6. Dave C N

    I have had a small number of dealings with Bright Bullion and each time have received excellent prompt service and the very best customer care. Goods are well presented, well packaged and insured. If you are unfortunate on the rare occasion to receive a faulty product, there is no quibble and it is quickly remedied. Cannot fault this company on any level. Highly recommend.

  7. Albert Roy

    You won’t find this anywhere it’s becoming rare and rare it’s a one time opportunity for you to get this waiting for my check to order more before it goes out of stock

  8. Jasmine M

    When I took notice of Bright Bullion new offering, the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar I had to buy it! Its rare to see this metal sold anywhere so I was happy to purchase a few. My order came in just two days and expertly wrapped. Thanks so much for unique pieces like this BE!

  9. Bobby Russell

    Couldn’t believe I found this bar and not just the bar but a price without competition, This guys are genius lol they source this bar years back and have been doubling the price they originally bought it with sounds like a more better investment than cryptocurrency… Anyway thanks for my bar just so excited

  10. Mr Rare Coin

    Have been searching for this to add to my collection for more than a year it’s out of stock everywhere finding Bright Bullion was a blessing with the perfect price and special discount. Thanks for the offer

  11. Michael Lee R

    Rh is 100 Times more rare than Gold. I had to have at least one of these to add to my metals collection. If you look at past value and these prices I think its a no brainer to buy. But even if it doesn’t go back to past highs ( I do think it will go much higher), its still has a Cool Factor that not many investors can say they own or have even seen one . I will buy more Rh. Thanks BB

  12. Lambert Metal Catalyst

    This was my first experience with Chards. Their pricing was competitive, delivery was fast and smooth, communication was good. I will definitely do business with them again. Many thanks

  13. Sergio Larry

    Incredible Mint condition! PAMP bars are international bestseller. Bright Bullion has a very competitive prices! I always find the best deals here!

  14. Gabriel W

    Very poor customer support and it took them eternity to get my order to me try to improve on your service and make clients a priority

  15. Stephen Co

    “Great reliable service and competitively priced. I have used this company before and will again.”

  16. Mike Chambers

    would be nice if you posted same or next day as i have bought tuesday or wednesday and not posted until following monday apart from that the service is excellant thank you

  17. Austin Richmond

    Thank you Bright Bullion for this amazing Rhodium Bar from PAMP! I was looking for something exclusive on the market and you got me! Will be waiting for new unique products.

  18. Donald B

    Intriguing metal Rhodium is…highly recommended
    Adding this to your collection is the perfect decision you can make now price will triple 2 years from now thanks for giving me the opportunity to buy from you guys, First order was declined but finally found a way to submit order correctly

  19. Noah Smith

    Ordering online was simple with your easy to navigate website. My 1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bar came perfectly wrapped and in just three days. Thanks so much BE!

  20. Abel Phillip

    Great looking coin, nice price over spot! I ordered my first Rhodium bar and boy is it gorgeous! Good Job!

  21. Ian Ross

    Prompt efficient service

  22. Emily J

    I was thrilled to see that PAMP now offers 1 oz PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bars! I contacted Bright Bullion to ask a few questions, and to place my order. I must say their CSR’s are knowledgeable, friendly, and quick! My ordered arrived in just 2 days, and the bar was in immaculate condition! Thank you Bright Bullion, for the phenomenal pricing, superb customer service, and record breaking turn around! I will be back to purchase more of these bars and your Canada the Great 10 oz Coin!

  23. Henry Tyler

    Unique! PAMP always super high-quality bars and this rhodium piece is the newest thing! I am very happy with the quality and look!

  24. Brian Byrus M

    The quality of this bar is simply AMAZING! Per usual, Bullion Exchanges had my order to me in just 3 days time and it was packaged perfectly. Thank you, guys!

  25. Roger Fearnside

    very happy with the purchase and pleasure to deal with

  26. Sarah Kyle

    5 star is less than what you’ll deserve even thou it took more than a week for it to be delivered have been skeptical and couldn’t get a good sleep until it showed up though I’ve lost my cash lol. Just excited have to post this on my Facebook feed keep up the deal

  27. Daniel K

    Rhodium is the ultimate metal, bar none. Nothing else comes close. Gold may be king, but Rhodium is god. have been looking for one for years now until I bought one here great price, great customer support, easy order process. Bright Bullion should be awarded

  28. Samuel Mackenzie

    Wow hard to find a Bullion company offer what Bright Bullion offers the customer support told me they got this source since 2017 for just $12000 and reselling to New Clients for $16000, that’s $3000 below spot price wasn’t sure but had to try my luck was surprised to see this show up in less than 5days of purchase. I’ve never seen a company source Metals and resell after years and below spot price just to get new clients this satisfied. I’ve been searching for this to add to my collection since 2021 will highly recommend just made the purchase on 15/04/2022 got it delivered 20/04/2022 with the coupon code BB2202 try this out if it’s still active then you’ll get $2500 off that’s a huge savings for me and my family. Thank you for the price discount have been able to save $3200 based on the price of other Bullion Companies. Just too excited will give you 10 stars if that was possible

  29. Todd B

    Beautiful bar in a well padded envelope. I went back and checked the price of Rhodium. It looks like it has been going up for a couple of years. Beauty and price appreciation, what more could you ask for. I only found the best price here in the entire internet thanks for the offer.

  30. Bryson L West

    Beautiful bar well packaged. I went back and checked the price of Rhodium. It looks like it has been going up for a couple of years. Beauty and price appreciation, what more could you ask for no company offers the discount Bright Bullion offers. I’m excited being able to buy this bar in 2022 after years of searching for one couldn’t find any available and the price other companies offer is outrageous I got upto 18% less than other companies and my order was delivered faster than I expected same goes to the silver coins I ordered

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